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Huobi disclosed information about reserves

Nov 13

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi shared information about the balances of hot and cold wallets. The estimated value of the platform's reserves was $3.5 billion. 


#Huobi's Work Report on Asset Transparency (I)
🔥#Huobi is acting now to disclose the balance details of our hot and cold wallets and make this disclosure a routine going forward.

— Huobi (@HuobiGlobal) November 13, 2022

As of November 12, 2022, the exchange held on its balance sheet, including:

  • More than 191 million Huobi Token (HT) tokens of its own
  • 9.7 billion TRX
  • 820 million USDT
  • 274,000 ETH
  • 32,000 BTC

The company promised to publish such reports on a regular basis. According to the statement, the exchange also hired an outside firm to conduct an additional audit of the reserves.