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The Law of Real Estate

Jun 3

The law of real estate regulates the actions of property owners, from obstructing the view of scenery to creating an eyesore. The law also addresses the authority extended to boards and homeowners associations, as well as the technicalities of rent-to-own contracts. Here are some examples of real estate laws in action. To learn more about the laws that govern real estate, read this article. It's an excellent resource for all aspects of real estate.

Real Estate

Property law

If you are looking for a good source of information regarding real estate law, consider joining the Real Property Law Society (RPLS). It is a professional association that serves lawyers in all areas of property law. Members can access articles by leading authorities on real estate law, an archive of past issues, and contact information for the editors. RPLS also hosts quality CLE programs. Members receive weekly emails highlighting upcoming CLE programs. Programs also feature faculty listings.

The practice of real estate law encompasses a variety of topics, including buying and selling properties, using and leasing property, and managing property taxes. Property law lawyers also handle disputes involving ownership, such as tenant and landlord disputes and zoning issues. They can also review transfer documents and prepare mortgage documents. Some attorneys also specialize in estate planning and zoning. To ensure that your real estate transaction goes smoothly, you can hire a real estate attorney to review and draft mortgage and transfer documents.


In a real estate transaction, the terms of a contract are critical to both the buyer and seller. The money that the buyer is obligated to pay may include a down payment or other financings. The buyer's earnest money is usually moved along with the contract and the seller's down payment or financing is typically transferred upon closing. A contract is binding when all parties sign it. In most cases, a contract requires written consent. Consent cannot be revoked by fraud, misrepresentation, or mistake, and it cannot be revoked by undue duress.

The parties in a real estate contract may have different expectations for each other. They may be concurrent, prior to, or subsequent. The first two establish mutual obligations. Conditions precedent and subsequent arise before the duty to perform and are mutual. The parties must meet these obligations within a reasonable time period. For example, the buyer must complete an inspection of the property before signing the contract. However, if there are known defects, the buyer must notify the seller in writing.

Short-term rentals

The term "short-term rental" describes the process of renting out a property for less than thirty days. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. For example, an owner cannot lock the internal door. This creates a barrier for escaping in the event of an emergency and can lead to a temporary vacate order. Further, if a tenant stays more than 30 days in a dwelling unit, they may be in violation of the law and face a squatter's rights.

Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid legal trouble when renting out a property for short periods. Depending on the state, a landlord may be able to legally register his property with the county or city. Moreover, short-term rentals are legal in some states and must meet certain minimum standards. For example, tenants renting out an apartment in California must follow certain rules to avoid being subjected to eviction.

Land titles office

If you are considering purchasing a piece of land, it is important to visit the Land titles office of the county clerk's office. There, you can get copies of the original certificate of title. This document serves as the authoritative record of ownership, which is essential for preventing any type of dispute. A land title also serves as a proof of ownership, which is essential for facilitating negotiations on real estate transactions. It is also important for the protection of your rights as an owner.

The Land titles office in law real estate is important to the ownership of land. This office maintains all records of property in a given county. These documents outline the legal rights and ownership of a particular parcel of land. When a dispute occurs over ownership, the recorded documents take precedence over informal agreements. As a result, a land title plays a crucial role in land ownership and land usage agreements. A Land titles office is the primary office to contact for any issues pertaining to real estate.

LL.M. in real estate law

The LL.M. in real estate law program prepares practicing attorneys for advancement in the field of real estate law. Coursework typically focuses on transactional matters, such as real estate taxes and ownership. Elective classes, such as historic preservation and public finance, may also be offered. The program may include research seminars and externships. Some schools may also count work experience that relates to the field of real estate as credit hours toward the degree.

A typical day for a real estate lawyer

Typical days for real estate lawyers are often busy, stressful, and full of deadlines. They spend most of their time performing extensive due diligence, reviewing third-party reports and titles, negotiating documents, and more. They also spend a great deal of time coordinating with clients and opposing counsel, tackling a variety of complex issues. Whether they are walking the streets of a new neighborhood or conducting negotiations, real estate attorneys spend large amounts of time discussing issues and preparing their clients for the transaction.

A typical day for a real estate attorney is often quite different than most people might imagine. Many people who consider moving will come across a neighbor who is selling their house. While purchasing and selling property may seem straightforward, there are many professionals involved and a real estate attorney can help guide you through the entire process. This article provides an overview of a typical day for a real estate lawyer. So, what does a real estate lawyer do?


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